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Take your customer interaction to a new level with SCILL, an easy-to-use, scalable and powerful toolset.

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SCILL - Engagement as a Service

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“With SCILL Play we’re able to entice players to explore the game in a brand new way. Challenges are quick to implement and with SCILL Gamification you remove any barrier of entry between SCILL and the player. A must have for any game where depth matters.”

Flamebait Games

One Solution for All Platforms, Engines and Applications.

Studies show that gamification is the best way to improve your customer experience and increase retention at the same time.

Our fully customizable toolkit that enables you to integrate tailored challenges and full-fledged Battle Passes to your game, app and website. SCILL connects seamlessly to your user account and payment systems, adding new retention and monetization layers within minutes.

Empower your community, marketing and PR teams and free-up valuable development time to focus on new content.



  • SDK  – Unity, JavaScript, C#, PHP and more
  • Intuitive Admin Panel
  • Statistics
  • Analytics (coming soon)




  • Challenges
  • Battle Passes
  • 100% Secure & GDPR-compliant
  • Tournament System (coming soon)
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Designed by developers for developers

The most powerful and flexible engagement toolkit for video games, apps, websites and intranets. Integrate SCILL into nearly any product to engage with your audience.  

Why you should test SCILL

  • Developed by 4Players
  • More than 20 years of SaaS experience
  • Secure and flexible architecture
  • Fast growing platform
  • Frequent updates and features
  • Tested and approved by thousands of players
  • Language and platform agnostic
  • Works with all game engines and environments
  • Fair pricing model

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