4Players GmbH announces a co-operation with the Swedish indie studio Flamebait Games, in which the fast-paced multiplayer spectacle Forge and Fight is supported by the gamification app SCILL Play.

Just in time for the game’s official launch on Steam, Flamebait will utilize SCILL Play to enhance the players‘ experience with fresh challenges, while they compete in the colourful duels wielding bizarre self-crafted weapons. In another step the app will be leveraged to deliver Battle Passes and thus more tasks as well as exclusive rewards. After games like Rise of Legions of the Berlin-based studio Broken Games or the online action blockbuster World of Warships from Wargaming, Forge and Fight is already the 11th game that is supported via the SCILL Play app, giving players new challenges, additional content or the chance to participate in tournaments.

Forge and Fight challenges

More titles like the tactical team action game Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite will be available in SCILL Play in the coming weeks and months. Forge and Fight is the first released game being enhanced with the recently published self-service toolset ‚SCILL GaaS‘ (Gamification as a Service) based on proprietary SCILL technology. The fact that the integration only took a few development days, is proof of the uncomplicated implementation of the tools into existing projects as well as, if needed, into available payment or user systems with minimal effort.

Currently, numerous development teams are working with the SCILL GaaS toolset in order to add gamification elements such as achievements or special activities to their games, apps and websites.

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