Customer Gamification

Humans have an innate need to learn, improve their skills and compete with others.

SCILL Gamification helps you to address these needs, increasing motivation, interaction, retention and even monetization of your content and users – in a playful way!

Gamification as a Service


SCILL integrates seamlessly into your website or WebApp, leveraging the SCILL Web-SDK. Once connected, the powerful Admin Backend lets you create tailored and unique challenges and Battle Passes to increase retention, interaction, entertainment and monetization. To display challenges on your website or in you WebApp, either use our build-in templates or create your own UI, matching your look and feel.


Your content is unique and your customers loves it! Keep on doing what you have done before – and let SCILL help you to make it even more engaging and fun to use.


SCILL integrates seamlessly into your website, without needing any user or other sensitive data. You keep your community, we just calculate annonomous data packages and display it in form of engaging challenges and Battle Passes.


Tailored challenges, Battle Passes, achievements and rewards will gamify your content, increase retention and make your community smile.


SCILL has been designed to empower your front-line teams, not putting more pressure on your development. Let your community, PR and marketing masters engage your users directly.



SCILL challenges and Battle Passes can be as unique as your content. You decide how to keep your users engaged and how to reward them! SCILL provides you with the innovative and easy to use toolset and does the heavy lifting in the background. 

Join us!

Engagement Challenge:
Reward users for joining your company, opening an account or registering for your service.

Login Hero

Retention Challenge:
Reward users for logging in and not consume content as an anonymous user.

Book an appointment

Engagement Challenge:
Increase your reach with shared content and happy users.

Leave a comment

Engagement Challenge:
Reward users to start discussions and increase interaction.

Status check

Engagement Challenge:
Collect customer data to improve your CRM and up sale opportunities.

Always up-to-date

Retention Challenge:
Encourage users to read a set amount of content, increasing your view and session lengths.

Sharing is caring

Reach Challenge:
Increase your reach with shared content and happy users.


Monetization Challenge:
Offer better and more expensive plans for your customers to buy.

Login once a month

Retention Challenge:
Increase retention rates by encouraging users to come back and log in daily.

Profile completionist

Loyalty Challenge:
Improve your community by boosting player profiles and increasing retention.

Invite a friend

Acquisition Challenge:
Let your users help you to acquire new users and increase your reach and awareness.

Survey participation

Feedback Challenge:
Survey results help to improve your service, so make it a challenge to participate.

“With SCILL we’re able to entice players to explore the game in a brand new way. Challenges are quick to implement and with SCILL Gamification you remove any barrier of entry between SCILL and the player. A must have for any game where depth matters.”

Build with ease and Security in mind


SCILL integrates seamlessly into any backend and empowers your teams to create, start and end challenges, Battle Passes and Achievements in real-time. Integration is simple and can be setup either by your team or one of our trusted development partners. Once integrated, no additional development work is required. SCILL  is 100% GDPR-compliant and does not require any personal data.

– Service developed and run in Europe.
– Secure and 100 % GDPR-compliant.
– Language and platform-agnostic
– Flexible architecture with frequent updates and new features.
– Tested and approved by thousands of players
– Fair pricing model


What is SCILL?

SCILL is a powerful, fully customizable toolkit that enables you to integrate tailored challenges and full-fledged Battle Passes to your game, app and website. SCILL connects seamlessly to your user account and payment systems, adding new retention and monetization layers within minutes – without sharing any sensitive data and forcing your users into a new platform. 

What platforms does SCILL support?

SCILL can be added to pretty much any platform or system! SCILL SDKs make integration simple and first challenges can be online in a matter of hours. Please find a full overview in our development documentation

How do I integrate SCILL?

SCILL can be integrated by using our official SCILL SDKs and only takes development teams a couple of hours. Once integrated, any team can take over and create challenges, Battle Passes – no additional development time needed!

Please refer to our development documentation for detailed information.

How much does SCILL cost?

To allow the most flexibility and make SCILL fit any needs, we offer different tiers. Start using SCILL for free and upgrade based on your requirements. You can find a full list of our pricing models here

Is SCILL secure and what data do I need to share?

Yes, SCILL is secure and does not require any personal user data to be shared!

The SCILL backend and event system only required anonymize user IDs to calculate challenge progress. No personal data will be shared between the services and any user ID data can be deleted on request. Therefore, SCILL is also 100% GDPR-compliant.

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